Pill Dispensers

Pharma Healthcare Dosing Systems Pill Dispenser Capsu'Matic


Dispensing gel capsules one at a time

► Adaptable for capsule size 00 to 3
► Holds 30 gel capsules
► Hygienic, safe and efficient
► Easily distinguishable from other OTC products
► No need to change existing manufacturing process
► Customizable with range of options available on request
► Ideal for food supplements, vitamins and high added-value medicines to control dosage or toxicity

Pharma Healthcare Pill Dispenser

Pill Dispenser

Contact-free dispensing of individual tablets

► Child-proof and suitable for the elderly at the same time
► Integrated double tamper protection
► Sophisticated, simple and safe
► The cover cap provides protection and also serves as a catch-container
► Wide neck allows automatic, easy and fast filling
► Securibox® technology