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Flairosol ® Airless Sprayer

Flairosol ®

Unique marriage of aerosol-spray quality & non-pressurized trigger sprayer convenience, all combined in one elegant package

Propellant-free: Free yourself from propellant gases, pressurized containers & regulatory headaches
Continuous spray: Repeated actuation produces endless spray allowing large areas to be covered quickly & easily
Fine mist: High-quality mist-like spray spreads evenly & perfectly on all surfaces
Upside-down: Bag-in-bottle allows 360º spraying for areas difficult to reach

Flairosol ®

Groundbreaking technology, mystifying solutions

► Engineered with multi-patented technologies to deliver a remarkable spray
Very fine mist, combined with continuous spray functionality, covers large areas quickly, evenly & in all directions from first to last drop

Flairosol ®

Aerosol-free airless dispensing

► Providing an option to brands & consumers wanting to move away from environmental, health & safety hazards associated with aerosols by offering an aerosol-like spray without using propellant gases, volatile organic compounds & pressurized containers

Flairosol ®

A touch of Flair bridging the gap between trigger & aerosols

► Delightful use by superior ergonomics & 360º dispensing loved by consumers
► Truly remarkable spray performance
► Refined esthetics & functionality increasing value of product
► Making stand out product from point of purchase all the way to consumer’s hands